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Hi, my name is

Mike Mellquist
I'm a UX-designer with expertise in interaction design. I'm passionate about making complicated things intuitive and simple.

About me

I live in Stockholm, Sweden and I'm currently the design manager at the startup company FRISQ. I work with graphic design, UX-design and front-end programming. Designing user flows, LoFi- and HiFi-prototypes, and user interfaces in general is my area of expertise.

How I like to work

I am the design manager at FRISQ AB. I work with graphic design, UX-design and front-end programming. Designing user flows, LoFi- and HiFi-prototypes, and user interfaces in general is my area of expertise.
Curriculum vitae

Some of my projects

Veterinary prescription tool

FRISQ has developed a prescription tool called FrisqVet for Sweden’s Veterinary Association. The tool was to be web-based and responsive so that they can prescribe medicine on the go. My role in this project was to first make wireframes to create and structure all views and user flows. I then made a clickable prototype in Axure and performed a qualitative user test of the prototype on 5 veterinarians where they received a number of scenarios to perform and inform me on how they perceived the interaction by using the think-aloud protocol. I then designed the UI of the tool and the implementation was initiated.

Health app

In the FRISQ health app, users can see their medical journal information, medical care history, and their proxies prescribed medicine. The FRISQ app is available for both Android and IOS. To create a unique app which design language streches over multiple platforms, I have knowingly combined standard IOS elements with FRISQ's design guidelines in the IOS app and some material design components with FRISQ's design guidelines in the Android app.

Partner apps

FRISQ released its app to the public in autumn 2016 and in February 2017 a new app was also released in collaboration with the Rheumatic Association. The app named "Reumatiker" has the same functionality as the FRISQ app but the start page is a webframe containing the association’s website. With this solution, FRISQ, in addition to the Rheumatics app, has been able to release the Asthma and Allergy Association app and the Blood Cancer association’s app, both with FRISQ’s functionality. My role in this ongoing project is to design all UX and UI in all the apps and their upcoming features. There are both iOS and Android versions of the apps.

Health Care applications

With FRISQ Care doctors will be able to define an individual careplan for a patient with ease. The patient will then be able to follow the planand report their progress with an app. Physicians and/or other healthcareprofessionals will then be able to follow the patient’s progress together. With this system and its apps, patients will be more involved in their care plan and thus feel they are in control of their health and progress. My role in this project is to design UX and UI together with other designers in both the healthcareapp (tablet app) and the patients’ app (mobile app).

Interactive street advertisement

I delevoped an interactive street advertisement for a company called Compentus. In order for a pedestrian to slow down and interact with the technology, a well-functioning and carefully planned user flow was required. I defined different user scenarios, where the information that would be conveyed was a result of users reaction. The end-result was a Kinect prototype that adapted its behavior depending on the user’s reaction. The system calculated where bodies were in three-dimensional space and the rotation of the body’s joints. With that information, different conditions could be set and specific video and audio feedback given. Read more about this project in

my master thesis


Arega AB

Arega Project Management is a consulting company with consultants working in the construction and infrastructure sector. Arega was in need of a website where both existing and potential customers could find contact information of Arega’s employees as well as read about reference projects. They requested a responsive website, as this would often be visited by mobile devices from construction sites. As a UX / UI designer and front-end developer, my job was to design and develop a responsive website. My work resulted in a user friendly website where the task of finding an employee’s contact information was easy. After the launch of the website, Arega received praise from several directions for design and user friendliness from, among others, a competing web agency.
Link to their website:

Bostaden Umeå

Their current website was launched in 2009. When the existing website had been available for five years, it was in need of an update. The majority of the visitors on the landlord’s website use the page to find available apartments. Because of this, it is essential that the available apartments are easily accessible from the start page, with as few clicks as possible. I entered the project as UX and UI designer. Bostaden wanted to find out how their visitors clicked around on the page and what devices they used to visit. Using Google Analytics, I was able to find out how they navigated on the site. I identified user behavior patterns and advised Bostaden on how they could make their site more easily navigated and user-friendly.


In a course at Umeå University we had a group projekt where we were to futher develop existing products. We chose to improve a marine GPS which we found was bulky and had an outdated product design. Our new marine GPS was thinner, had a larger screen and had an updated user interface. This image was created by me, in a 3D-modeling software called 3DS Max.

Monitoring tool at IFS

When I lived in Sri Lanka I worked at the swedish company IFS (Industrial and Financial Systems). I was an interaction design intern and developed interfaces in several projects, including: a database and server monitoring tool, an onboarding website for new recruits, and an internal website for the Colombo office. Please note that this was in the beginning of my career.