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About me

My name is Mike Mellquist. I currently work at FRISQ as a UX-designer and front-end developer. Besides working at FRISQ I also have my own company working as a consultant. User experience design is my area of expertise and I love creating logical and intuitive user flows and user-friendly user interfaces. I use tools such as Sketch, Invision, Photoshop, etc. when I design wireframes and LoFi-prototypes. In my work as a front-end developer I program HTML, CSS and Javascript. I have also experience in backend programming languages such as Java and C# as I have studied the Master of Science Programme in Interaction Technology and Design at Umeå University where 2 of the 5 years are solely computer science.

Some of my projects

Arega Projektledning 2015

In 2015 I made a responsive website for Arega Projektledning AB. The client wanted to have a simple website that showed their basic information and earlier projects. The website has a fullscroll effect both vertically and horizontally. I also designed their logotype.

Visit their website: www.arega.se

Compentus 2015

In the autumn of 2015 I created an interactive prototype for Compentus and Tele2. The goal was to attract attention from pedestrians passing by the display window and make them interact with the prototype. By making the user interact with "Frank" on the street they also attract attention from other pedestrians, thus making the advertisement more effective. I programed a Kinect sensor to sense where the person was, if they looked at the screen, and if they performed a full squat.

Bostaden Umeå AB 2014

In 2014 I worked as a interaction design consultant for Bostaden Umeå AB where I was asked to redesign their website and do a usability analysis on the current website. The result was a responsive, clean, and user friendly design. This is a design concept.

BannerFlow 2014

BannerFlow is a HTML5 banner production platform. BannerFlow is used by companies such as: Klarna, Betsson, Unibet, 3, etc. At the BannerFlow company, situated in Stockholm, I designed all the templates for their new advertisement product.

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Mashup 2013

This is a "mashup", which is a combination of different services' APIs. In this project I combined Spotify, a translation service, and Systembolaget to create a new service where you can write the name of your drink and Spotify will play a song from the drinks country of origin.

Monitoring tool 2013

One of my assignments at a company in Sri Lanka was to structure and design an interface for a monitoring tool which administrators of a certain program will use. The program will soon be released to companies around the world, like the Swedish companies: Gina Tricot, Systembolaget, Stadium, ByggMax, and many more.

Institute of Design 2012

This marine GPS design was made in a project I took part in in the spring of 2012. We all helped with the design of the interface and the physical product although I myself drew the GPS in this picture in a 3D visualization program.


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Phone: +46767665702
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